Our story

photo histoire

Constructed in 1905 by a farmer, the house’s destiny is intimately linked to the region’s history. The house was first sold in 1914 to the group formed by S.A. Scott and J.B. Duke which was buying land bordering the river to prepare of the construction of isle maligne’s hydroelectric plant. In 1927, the house was bought by Mr. Albert G. Naud, then mayor of isle maligne.

Mr. Naud married Ms. Olivine Leclerc and fathered 14 children. To cater for the family’s expansion, the second part of the house was built, featuring a spectacular granite foundation.

At the end of the ‘50s, their children Ms. Olivette Naud and Mr. Leopold Naud and his wife live in the house and preserve its original character.

photo foyer

“La maison Naud” was bought in 2001 by Mr. Jean-Guy Girard, renovated and modified to become a B&B, "l’Almatoit".

To preserve its authenticity, hardwood floorings were changed to their original timber species and structural deficiencies were corrected using larch beams from a local sawmill.

photo exterieur

In 2007 a masonry heater was built at the heart of the house to replace the traditional heater, unused for a few generations.

Spring 2013, Mr. Girard decides to pass the torch; Aurelie Marchand and Vincent Melet become the happy owners of “l’almatoit”.

Originally from France but québécois at heart, they fell in love with the lac-St-Jean region and take great care in keeping the distinctive character of this beautiful house.