Our region : our «100% eco friendly» actions

Did you say, ecological ?


At l’Almatoit, ecology is not a fad : composting, purchase of biodegradable cleaning products and energy saving are daily activities..

Breakfast is a good opportunity for us to take you around the region. Local products are the stars of the show. A must try is the yogurt from local fromagerie "ferme des chutes", enhanced with regional fresh fruits, blueberries, strawberries, raspeberries, etc.

We also serve some of the numerous local cheeses : valbert, pikauba, kénogami, lehmann’s es cotay, curé hébert, cru du canton from fromagerie l’autre versant, belle mère, 14 arpent from fromagerie Médard or matured cheddars from fromagerie perron or ferme des chutes.

During summer, we also bring to your plate edible flowers and herbs.

Taste artisan bread and croissants from boulangerie le petit pétrin. Savour a fair trade, organic coffee, roasted in the region by café cambio. Have it your favorite way : regular, latte, cappucino...

All our soaps and shampoos come from la baie’s soap factory chèvre-feuille. This regional family business is specialized in making soaps based on goat’s milk and essential oils.


The Masonry heater…

The masonry heater was built in 2007 to heat the house with a readily available renewable energy : wood.

During winter, the heater becomes the heart of the house.

Difficult to describe the pleasure one feels, just to sit on the heater’s warming bench after some time spent outside during our rigourous winter.

House life revolves around the fire’s radiating heat.