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Seasons at l’Almatoit

EnfantSPRING : The lake is still imprisonned under the ice but sap is already rising in the maple trees to shake back to life their frozen limbs and let them blossom. At the end of march or early april, for a fortnight, it is maple sugar time at l’almatoit.

About a dozen maple trees will be harvested for their syrup. Some years almost 20 liters of maple syrup will be stored. In may, when the lake is freed from its ice, the buds pop to full blossom.

Over a few weeks, all nuances of green can be observed on the trees around the house.



SUMMER : Hectic times at l’almatoit. On the grounds, blossoms chase each other, bringing a multitude of colours to the gardens. The daylilies spread around the flower patches and overflow on the dining plates. Beebalm and marigold can be seen in the garden as well as in the kitchen.

A patch of lupins shares its beautiful colours until the phloxes take over and spread their smell, attracting the butterflies.

For a time, the grounds get covered by a blanket of wild flowers, randomly colouring the gardens in yellows and reds with a harmony than no human-being could have achieved. 

Orchard and vegetable patch are at their best. For a time, the lime tree perfumes the whole district.

Peacefully, the guests chat on the porch and watch the summer go by.


AUTUMN : For an always too short period, the trees put on their flaming garments.

A few late flowers try to resist the end of the summer. in the garden, it is time for the last harvests.

Local organic apples invade the table and migrating birds, snow geese and canada geese, stop by for a few weeks.

The season is calmer. It will soon be time to put the first logs in the masonry heater; nights freshen before becoming cold. 

The house swaps to winter mode, insulation is doubled, drafts chased after. We are always surprised to see the first snow of the year. It is the season for warm drinks and cosy conversations.



WINTER : Landscapes are now prisonners of the ice. Snow accumulates and covers with its white coat the greys of autumn. For a good deal of time, there won’t be more than 8 hours of daylight.

We must heat the house, everyday it’s one, two, three fires in the masonry heater. Winter’s rythme settles in.

This is the time for snowshoes walks and dog sleds’ expeditions. At saguenay-lac-saint-jean, snow will stay all winter long.

There are less travellers, more time to get to know each other.